Thursday, April 21, 2016

Speak up, pawlease!

Mommy took me to the vet yesfurday to have my hearing checked. I've been sleeping furry soundly lately, not waking up when the mail comes or when daddy comes home. And I get startled if someone wakes me up, or pets me when I didn't see them coming. I didn't even move when mommy called "Din-din!!" So she and daddy thought something was up.

So the vet looked in my ears, and he didn't see any infection or wax or anything. Then he gave me a hearing test, and I flunked! I didn't hear anything. The vet called it "auditory nerve atrophy," but that's just a two-dollar way of saying I've gone deaf, or almost deaf. He said I'm about a year and a half early, because I'm only ten and a half. Usually he sees this starting in 12-year-olds.

My brofur Winkie is deaf, too. He came to us that way. So mommy and daddy pretty much know what to expect. My nosey still works as well as it evfur did, so I always know if anything really important is going on around me! The biggest difference will be that I can't go off-leash anymore, except in a fenced dog park. That's because I wouldn't hear daddy calling me back if I take off--which I like to do!

So it isn't the end of the world. But if I was going to lose something, I'd rather have lost my itchies!


  1. We know all about cockers losing their hearing! Joey dog, 14 years old, is hard of hearing now. That was mostly because he has polyps in his ear canals, and has had a lot of trouble with ear infections. Our Charisma was almost deaf by the time she was 12. Miss Ginger had good hearing her whole life, but lots of eye problems. So far Chester is lucky to have good ears with no infections at 7 years old. It comes with the territory when you have cocker spaniels with their big floppy ears. But we just adore them and their lovable personalities anyway! (We know about itchies and allergies too.) Try inventing some sign language gestures for some basic commands. Cockers are very smart and will pick up on them quickly.

    1. Thanks, Chester! Mommy wanted the vet to look, because she was afraid she might have done something wrong. I've nevfur had an ear infection, she drives me crazy with ear washes and cotton balls! BOL! So she was almost relieved that it's nerve deafness, even though I'm so young. She has always trained dogs with both hand and voice commands, so I already know Sit and Down and Come that way. Only, now I have to be looking at her!

    2. You're lucky about not getting ear infections. Keep up the good work! Love those cockers!

  2. Hershey, I too am loosing my acuity in the hearing makes me calmer though...BOL! Growlmy says I don't bark at each passing flea as she put it...though I do startle more when the vibrations around me are too much, or the sounds I do hear are odd.

    I know a lot of hand signals as well, when I was a wee one growlmy taught me new things every few days and each one had its own hand signal.
    Sit, lay down, Stay, Come, Up, come round and sit, say woof, leave it, etc.

    I will be 14 at the end of this month, OMD!!
    Growlmy thinks my wobbly vestibular issues are making me deaf faster. Kind of like Menierre's disease.

    1. I didn't know that about you, Freckles! It's funny, because I've been feeling more restless and barking more, lately! Mommy thinks I'm barking at smells outside, where I nevfur really barked much at sounds. Mommy and daddy have a friend with Menierre's disease, so we know about that. Happy Barkday!!!

  3. Crikey Hershey ..... that's no good mate but it's not all bad either. You can still see and smell and Winkie can help cause he knows all about it, aye?? Mum had a deaf dalmation once and he was a great dog. He understood sign language. I bet you will learn all about that too. You're smart Hershey so you won't have any problems. Crikey Mr JF Sir is nearly 14. I knew he was getting on but 14 .... OMD!!!! Maybe we should have a BIG party for him this year!!

  4. Mommy taught me some hand signals when I was a puppy, so I can Sit and Down and Come. That's about all that's evfur required of me anywag, BOL!! Mommy thinks Winkie hears better than I do, now. But the nose is working fine, so I'm good! Yes! A pawty fur Freckles is a grrrreat idea!

  5. I used ta live with a pup who couldn't hear too well. My name is Christmas and I am a 2 year old Dachshund running for da mayor of Blogville! My momma donates to doggy rescues every time someone joins our blog so do you think you could give us a follow? Thanks!

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