Thursday, July 21, 2016

...Unless It Isn't!

It's hard to kill Dogster!  They're giving it another week, so we're still poking around ovfur there.  But we've lready said most of our good-byes.

Meanwhile, we spent the past week at the doggie boarding house with Mommy Calla and her daughter and a bunch of other doggies.  it was fun, but I can't tell you much about it.  Mommy Calla says, what happens at Didgeridog stays at Didgeridog!  BOL!!

Mommy and daddy were in You're-Up fur the week.  They were on a boat.  I like boats, I don't see why they didn't take me!  Mommy took lots and lots of photos.  Wanna see a couple?

She had an owie knee, though, and had to take evfurrything slow.  Daddy did some things without her.  When they got home she went to the doctor, and he told her to get a picture of her knee on the inside.  She's doing that tomorrow.  I can't see what good it will do.  She wants to get some sticks to walk with. 


  1. WOW!! Beautiful pictures Hershey!! I know you and Winkie had fun to on your vacation BOL!! When the Doctor gets the pictures of your mommys knee he can help her better. You boys keep an eye on her :)

    1. Mommy got her knee photos today, and sticks to walk with. She says that's going to be much better! She can't use them when she's walking us, though! BOL!!

  2. It's always nice to hear from you! Have fun at the doggie hotel!

    1. We're all home now, Chester! I hope your mommy is feeling better. Mine got her sticks to walk on, but she's not walking much.

  3. Ouch! First ouch because I missed this post...oopsie.
    Europe is a great place to visit. I would love to visit too some day and sniff all the different smells ovfur there...and visit my doggy & itty cousins that live with my petcretary's cousins in The Netherlands. Windmills: That made her feel nostalgia for going back there...hasn't been there since 2008...

    Second Ouch: We hope your mommy's ouchie in her bad knee can be helped to get better. Walking sticks scare me, so they scare you?? They sure clunk on the floors, and watch out fur your tootsies, too. BOL!

    1. Ouch again...petcretary furgot that silly notify button.....

    2. Woof, Freckles! I'm glad you found me! I think I still have your blog wrong on my list, but we can't seem to fix it. :/

      Mommy's knee is way better, thanks! It only hurts now if she walks too far, so we're not getting furry interesting walks. But she isn't using her sticks any more.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you! Mommy took almost 700 of them! BOL!

  5. Hey Hershey! You almost always comment on my posts at The Daily Bone, and we love to hear from you! When are you going to post again on your own doggie blog? We cocker spaniels have got to stick together, you know. How is Winky doing?

    1. We're both doing well, Chester, thanks! I don't know why mommy doesn't let me bark here more often. She gets frustrated trying to add photos and stuff. I've threatened to start doing more "interesting" things, but so far she doesn't believe me! We really do enjoy your blog posts!

  6. Hi Hershey! I saw some of your other comments on some of my new friends posts and thought I'd come over and say hi!
    Lots of licks, your new friend Morrie :)

    1. Woof, Morrie! It's good to meet you! My mommy still isn't letting me bark here. I just showed her it's been a year!! WOOF!!
      I have another Aussie furiend. Do you know Charlie?

  7. We heard that your brother Winkie crossed the rainbow bridge recently. We wanted to say how sad we are. Sending lots of hugs to you and your family. Oh, and thank you for all your comments on The Daily Bone. It's always good to hear from you.

    1. Thank you, Chester. The house feels funny without Winkie, but I know you understand. We love your blog. Mommy feels guilty about mine, BOL!

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