Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dogster News!

Woof, everyfur!  I haven't written in my blog fur about a hundred years, but I have important news fur anyfur who loves Dogster!  (If you don't love Dogster anymore, you may as well go on to another blog.  We still love you, but this won't interest you.)

Lori at HQ just posted this in the All Paws Bulletin group:
"Since i-5 Publishing acquired Dogster and Catster in July, they’ve dedicated an amazing amount and time and resources to addressing the many issues that came with the lack of maintenance and neglect of the Community areas over most of the last three years. The 1-5 transition team fixed many things, but some of the issues are so severe, that they just can’t be fixed.

"The good news is that the i-5 transition team has decided to rebuild the Community areas of the site on a new platform that will not only repair the features, but also make them function even better! All data and functions (Pet Pages, Groups, Forums, etc.) will be migrated to the new platform WITHOUT THE FLEAS!

"This project is already underway, and we are targeting the first quarter of 2015 to launch the new and MUCH improved Dogster and Catster. All of your suggestions have been shared with the transition team and will be considered in the process of rebuilding.

"Over the next few weeks, I will be formulating a timeline for the launch, to include, updating members of the Community, and assembling a group of vital Community members, Forum Moderators and key advisors to test the site prior to launch. I will keep you posted in this group every step of the way.

"You should all be very proud of the wonderful community you’ve built over the last decade. I am delighted that i-5 recognizes this and is dedicated to giving all of you a place to express and share your love of dogs and cats.

Thanks for your patience and support. We love our Community!"

Someone asked, What about our pals who have deleted their pages but might want to come back?  Lori said that if they hurry and let HQ know (e-mail or, their pages can still be recovered!!!!  Oh, I hope I hope I hope somefurs that I miss so much will want to join us again.  There is a lot of stuff still broken at Dogster, but it nevfur did go away!  We wouldn't let it, BOL!!