Thursday, July 3, 2014

Liebster Award

Well, this is embarrassing.  Way back about four sleeps ago, my pal Freckles nominated me and Winkie fur a Liebster Award.  We are so honored!!!  I wanted to post a cool reply that looked like his post, with a picture of the award, and his picture and a link to his blog and all that kind of fancy stuff.  But mommy has had a Stoopid attack and can't remember how to do any of that.  Finally we decided just to let Winkie reply, but I barked "Not in MY blog!"  Woof!  So Winkie wrote a diary entry ovfur at Dogster--not an easy feat these days, BOL!!  

I'll copy Winkie's answers to Freckles' questions here:

1. Whats your Nickname?

Well, you need to understand that my daddy makes up nicknames fur evfurryone.  His nicknames don't necessarily have any relation to any actual reality.  Sometimes they just rhyme.  Okay?  Having barked all that, my nickname is...Stinky.

2. Do you like your furblings if you have any?

I like my brofur Hershey furry much.  I always make sure I know where he is, and I nevfur growl at him, even though he steals my chewies and finishes my Greenies fur me.  I wish he would play with me.

3. What do you do when the phone rings?

Phones ring? Who knew? I'm deaf!  BOL!!

4. Do you evfur howl?

Oh yes!  I sing fur my supper, and I wowowow! if mommy or daddy are too slow getting ready to take us fur a walk!  If we're outside and meet another doggie who doesn't stop to say Woof, I jump all ovfur and wowowow at them!

5. Do you dream?

I do!  In my dreams I chase kitties and birdies, and play with other doggies!  My paws get going, and I make little woofwoofs!

6. Who is your fave unfur in your furmily, your Mom, your Dad, or an unfurbling?( or someone else?)

Mommy thinks I like daddy best, daddy thinks I like mommy best.  I think I've got the whole pawrent-handling thing down pretty well!

7. Did you evfur get in trouble using your teeth?

No, my mouth doesn't open furry well.  It's hard fur me to get a good grip on anything.

8. Where is your fave place to go to visit?

I like when we get in the car and go to where the wine doggies live!  We always meet a lot of furry nice doggies and their pawrents there, and we get lots of treats and attention!

9. Are you allowed to run free anywhere?

Yes!  I can go off-leash in any fenced doggie park, and lately daddy has let me off my leash at Fort Fun.  I'm good at staying underfoot, BOL!!

10. Do you sleep curled up in a ball, or stretched out?

Yes!  BOL!!

Freckles, furgive us fur being so slow to say Thanks!  Mommy's going to do some brain exercises to see if she can get her synapses popping again!  BOL!!


  1. You like to howl? Wow, so do we! Joey dog an I howl like coyotes when we think our humans have left us all alone in the house. Then we take a nap. Congrats on your award!

  2. BOL!! Winkie's the howler! I'm more of a barker. We do the same as you and Joey, raise a Big Stink when the pawrents leave, then curl up and sleep!

  3. Stinky, aye?????? Mmmmmmmmmm! Sometimes they do just rhyme, I guess!! I'm good at staying underfoot too, Winkie. We have a few things in common. I wowowowowow when I meet friends I haven't seen for a while. I also raise a big STINKY when my parents leave the house. In more ways than one I must add. I've been known to eat my bed ..... many times!! THEN curl up and sleep???????? Not me!

    1. Crikey, Charlie, I guess it would be hard to curl up and sleep after you eat your bed! BOL!!

  4. Hi, Winkie and of course a woof to Hershey, too!

    I C/P'd my commented answers to have them here fur ya too:

    Here are *my* answers to your questions:

    1. All my life from 6 weeks on.

    2. If I eat stuff with too much wheat, I start to chew my feet. I have some skin tags, too, now that I am older.

    3. I like to be inside, but love going out in the backwoods of our property if the peeps are there, too.

    4. A people doggie fur sure!

    5. No, No, NO! I growl even sometimes s=when they peeps have to lift me into the car, I won't jump in, BOL! I have been a traveling pup since I was 7 weeks old, don't know why I hate cars...

    6. Only once, with a furend at his house. Sometimes I stay alone here at home with one of my peeps, while one or the other is out of town, but that doesn't really count.

    7. I used to bark them up, but not anymore...

    8. Barking the trespassers away! WOOF!

    9. I used to get one meal a day along with a snack or two, now I get my ration divided into two meals.

    10. Getting my way, BOL!

    Great questions, Winkie! ( & Hershey )

    Whitley has a section on her blog about how to do blogging things. Or was it Finley...they both display it, but I am not sure whose it is, BOL!
    Have fun!

    1. Thanks, Freckles! I always think of Whitley as the go-to gurl! We'll get it all together one of these days, BOL!!

  5. Now you can get your Mommy to do some more writing...
    I have nominated you for a Shine On award.
    Get the details here:


    1. Oops!
      You need to use this link...