Friday, February 7, 2014

Soggy Doggies

OMD, pals!  You really are coming through with those snow shipments!  It's been raining at our house fur four straight days or months or something!  Some of the cities north of us are filling up sandbags and worrying about flooded creeks and rivers!  Mommy says we're still in a drowt, whatevfur that is, and this won't help much.  But the hoomans seem pretty happy.

It's not good news fur doggies, though.  I can't remember the last time we had a decent walk.  It may have been yesfurday.  Today we went out three times, but we nevfur even made it off our street.  One pee, one poop each, and we got hustled back inside befure you could sniff a bush.  And then comes the toweling.  I HATE that! 

We were supposed to go on an adventure in the car tomorrow, too.  Were going up to where the wine doggies live!  We were gonna have a picnic, and visit my friends at Ravenswood Winery, were I'm the unofficial mascot. 

This is me and mommy and daddy at Ravenswood in sunnier times!

But the rain will be even worse up there, and now we're just gonna have a hunker-down, quick-business-walk, watch-the-Olympics-on-the-couch-with-daddy kind of a day.  With no car ride, no picnic, no bully, no extra treats, nuthin'. So I say, Rain, Rain, go AWAY!!


  1. Yeah, I haven't gotten a decent walk in forevers because of da cold.

  2. Poor Hershey.
    Ya still need a bully an extra treats to watch the 'Lympics!

  3. Zoe is right! You and Winkie BOTH need a bully treat!

    I think rain is better than snow, cause at least one doesn't have to shovel it! BOL!