Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Well, imagine that! Dogster isn't closing the Community after all!   This is great news!  We love Dogster, and we were SO SAD when they said it would go away.  It's hard to know right now who rescued it, and how much of it they rescued, and whether evfurrything will stay the same.  And we're sorry that some of our pals have already packed up and pulled down their own pages.  Mommy felt like doing that sometimes, but just couldn't.  We kept hoping, and we kept pawraying, and we said we would stay and go down with the Dogster ship on March 3.  But now someone has put a cork in the hull, and we have more time.

We've learned some important lessons.  Like save evfurrything as you go, back-up all your photos and diaries, and collect off-Dogster addresses from all your pals if you can.  And some of our mommies and daddies have gone to work to make us new homes, like P4P and Pupsters and Kitsters.  We won't be leaving those, even if we spend most of our time at Dogster, just like we have been. 

Most of all, we were reminded how important evfurry one of our pals is, and how much smaller our world would be without all of you.  We were reminded how much we count on you being there, and how much we value your knowledge and experience and support, and the way you make us laugh, and the way you challenge us to be the best doggies (and doggie pawrents) we can be.  And we showed Say Media and the world that a real Community can nevfur be destroyed.  AroooOOOoooooOOOO!!!! fur US!!!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Woof From Winkie

It's me, Winkie

Woof!  Hershey said I could borrow his blog fur the day.  I need to send out a message.  We're  gonna starve ovfur here!!

Yesfurday mommy brushed us up a little and we all got in the car!  I thought we were going on the wine country adventure mommy and daddy have been promising all week!  AroooOOOOOOooooo!!!  It was funny that daddy didn't pack all our traveling treats and water and stuff, but I figure that's his business.  

But guess what?  We didn't go to the wine country.  We didn't even go ovfur the bridge.  We didn't even go across town!  We went to the vet!  The vet!!  And it wasn't Hershey who got lifted onto the table this time, it was me!  I was tricked!  I was bamboozled!  

I was stuck with a needle!  Twice!!  

Acfurrily, I'm taking mommy's word fur that.  I didn't feel anything.  But then something worse happened.  We got weighed.  Mommy's been telling daddy she thinks we're getting fat.  And daddy says no, no, no.  See, daddy feeds us breakfast, while mommy's still snoring upstairs.  Mommy feeds us din-din.  Mommy's stingy with the food.  She thinks daddy's been feeding us too much.  We're not telling! 

But mommy told the vet!  So he weighed us, and OMD!  Hershey weighs 33 pounds and I weigh 30!  We're both supposed to be around 27, mommy says.  Daddy has to cut back on the brekkie, mommy says.  Especially in the winter when we don't get to go running around at Fort Fun and stuff.  

We're gonna starve, I tell ya!!! 

So Hershey said all our pals were furry good about sending snow-that-turned-to-rain when he asked.  He says I could ask, can you send us some MEATZ?  Pawlease?  Quick?!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Soggy Doggies

OMD, pals!  You really are coming through with those snow shipments!  It's been raining at our house fur four straight days or months or something!  Some of the cities north of us are filling up sandbags and worrying about flooded creeks and rivers!  Mommy says we're still in a drowt, whatevfur that is, and this won't help much.  But the hoomans seem pretty happy.

It's not good news fur doggies, though.  I can't remember the last time we had a decent walk.  It may have been yesfurday.  Today we went out three times, but we nevfur even made it off our street.  One pee, one poop each, and we got hustled back inside befure you could sniff a bush.  And then comes the toweling.  I HATE that! 

We were supposed to go on an adventure in the car tomorrow, too.  Were going up to where the wine doggies live!  We were gonna have a picnic, and visit my friends at Ravenswood Winery, were I'm the unofficial mascot. 

This is me and mommy and daddy at Ravenswood in sunnier times!

But the rain will be even worse up there, and now we're just gonna have a hunker-down, quick-business-walk, watch-the-Olympics-on-the-couch-with-daddy kind of a day.  With no car ride, no picnic, no bully, no extra treats, nuthin'. So I say, Rain, Rain, go AWAY!!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Dogster Blues

Mommy had the Dogster Blues today.  Some days she can look furward to going to new sites and learning new stuff and it seems like evfurrything is gonna be all right.  But other days she just realizes how much Dogster stuff shapes her days and thinky times.  "Life After" seems kinda scary in that frame of mind.   So you'd think all she'd want to do is go to our Dogster groups and let us play, right?  We did some, but she said she didn't have the heart fur it.

Hoomans are so complicated!

It worked out nicely fur us, though.  When mommy has the Dogster blues she likes lots of doggyship and snuggles.  We got a furry long walk today after our brushings.  Mommy let me choose our direction.  It was cold and windy!  We went up around the big circle, and back by way of the Big Street.  There was lots of pee-mail to pick up, since we don't go that way furry often.  Mommy let us stoop and sniff as much as we wanted!  When we got home she played fetch with Winkie until he got tired of it.  I'm not much into that any more. What I'm into is warming her lap on the couch, so we did that. 

By the time daddy got home it was starting to rain!  I know all you snowbound furs are sending this our way!  Thanks!  On the higher hills around us, some of your snow is still snow!    We can't see it from our house, but they showed us on the teevee.  Daddy took us out fur our Evening Stroll, and when we came back we had to get all rubbed and squozed and towelled off.  I hate that, grrrrrrrrr! 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Gud Werk!

That's about the extent of my Zaidie-speak, BOL!!  But I wanted to write an update and thank all the pals who boxed up their snow and sent it out here to help with our drought!  IT CAME!  It must have melted on the way, because it wasn't snow when it got here.  It was rain.  They must have had to transfer it to tanker planes instead of dump trucks and UPS vans, because it came falling down out of the sky.  But IT CAME!!  It rained almost all day today!  Thanks so much, pals!  You are pawsome!! 

We could use some more.  

Just like I barked, the rain meant we didn't get much of a walk.  Out to do our business, and then right back in again.  So it was a napping day.