Wednesday, January 29, 2014



I guess this is my blog.  I should introduce mywoof.  My name is Hershey.  My pawrents named me that because I'm choklit.  I was born in October of 2005, and on January 2 of 2006 I came to my furevfur  home to live with my mommy and daddy.  They take good care of me, and I take good care of them, too.  We live in San Francisco, and we have lots of adventures!   I love riding in the car!  Evfurrything was fine with the three of us fur six years or centuries or something.  Then one day in 2012 we went to meet another cocker spaniel.  His name is Winkie.  A week later we went back to collect him and bring him home.  He's not choklit, and he can't hear much, and he only has one good eye.  He doesn't even know when or where he was born.  I don't see why we needed him, but I guess he's okay.  Maybe someday he'll have a blog.  Or maybe I'll let him bark here sometimes.  So that's my fambly.

We're Dogster refugees.  Dogster was a place where we made furiends and played games and barked about doggie stuff and had pawties and adventures, all inside of mommy's confuser.  I was only three when I got there.  I guess I grew up there, until some mean people decided to make us all go away.  So a hundred or a million of us are looking fur a new home.  And a lot of my pals said, "Get a blog, dog!"  So I did.  And this is it.  



  1. Hey Hershey, I love your blog. I think you might have a writing future. I hope you write about your adventures with your family, and especially with that one-eyed wonder you now have as a friend. That should provide you with some interesting stories.

  2. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! Now Hershey r here, tu!! All us pupses r tugefur 'gain, here an' ober on da forum-fing!!