Thursday, January 30, 2014

It Only Rained Sunshine

It was supposed to be a rainy day today.  We haven't had any rain all winter.  I think that's fine, because when it's rainy we get all wet on our  AOwLw1h , and when we come in we have to get rubbed all ovfur with towels and I don't like that AT ALL.  And our  AOwLw1h aren't really  AOwLw1h at all if it's rainy, because as soon as we both do our business, we have to go right back home.  But mommy likes rainy days.  She likes to watch the rain and read her book and feel all warm and snuggly inside.  And she says the rain is important fur things like growing food and having water to drink.  Well, I do like food and water.

But it nevfur rained, all day.  In fact, the   sunnysmly came out and all the clouds blew away.  So we had a nice long  AOwLw1h  !!  We also got lots of pets and attention, because we're still all shiny and soft from getting groomed!  Hoomans seem to like like that! 

Winkie says, the worst thing about getting a bath is mommy won't let him explore under the hedges.  He's light and the mud shows up on him right away!  It nevfur shows on me at all!   (rofl)


  1. We nevfur gets walks in da rain-- which is fine by me, cuz I hates da rain!!

  2. Yep, no walks in da rain here either.

  3. Cool Blog Hershey! We have snow and more snow, but it will rain by spring. I love the rain!!

  4. Dry as dust here Sweetie !!


    Flicka ∆,,∆ & Lucas /..| & Pam X

  5. Cold and snow here! Cool blog Hershey!

  6. Tons of snow here, its even cramping MY style, and the peeps have 'hamstered' a lot of things in the pantry, and now we can just sit back and watch...and soon the shovelers (pawrents) will have to use their, so much snow this winter, they will be evfur so strong at weightlifting!
    At least growlmy has today off.

    At this point rain doesn't sound too bad,though I don't like it...
    Sun? Yes...lets have us some SUN!!

    Glad you started a blog, Hershey! I shall put you in my list for following you.

  7. Thanks, everyfur! If any of you with snow want to send us a few feet or tons or something, we could sure use it out here!

    Freckles, I added your blog to my list, too!

    1. I shall call the dump trucks in and frontend loaders...bye-bye snow! ( I only wish...)

      Thanks fur adding me, Hershey!

  8. *orders the largest UPS box available and starts packing it with snow*

    OMD! Hershey an' Winkie r gonna wuff dis!!

  9. :: goes out to sit on the porch, looking fur dump trucks, frontend loaders and UPS trucks ::