Monday, March 24, 2014

Wine doggy!

California Golden Poppies
 The days are getting longer, daddy says.  I'm not sure how that works, but it makes daddy want to play more!  Staring about six sleeps ago, we've been to Fort Fun twiceOn the day daddy didn't go to work, he packed treats in our travel bag and we all got in the car to go on an adventure!   It was a sunny, warm day.  When the car stopped, we were at the place where they call me "Mascot." Whatevfur that means.  There is a furry nice lady there who gives me
smoochies and takes my picture.  They make some kind of red water there
that they put in bottles with corks.  We all sat up on the hillside in
big chairs and mommy and daddy looked at the flowers and vines and the
birds flying around, and taste some of their red water.  They call it
"wine."  I nevfur get any.  But I did find a cork!

See if this link works: Ravenswood 

Ravenswood Mascot
Then it was time to go into town.  Lots of people were there, and they all wanted to pet me and Winkie and say Awwwww.  We went into a couple of the stores mommy likes.  They like doggies there, too!  And then we went into the doggie bakery and we got to sniff around and mommy bought us some yummy treats!! (All the pictures from that part of the adventure are videos, and mommy still can't figure out how to share them.  Sorry!) 

Finally it was lunch time.  We helped mommy find a picnic table while daddy bought their BBQ sammies and stuff from the cheese factory.  Winkie and I got some of our treats and then just laid around in the grass and watched the people playing people games.  After that, mommy said she wanted ice cream, so we all walked to her favfurite place fur that.  Winkie and I didn't get any.  But then we went to another place, and mommy went inside and came out with little cups full of frozen yogurt fur us!!  Oh yum-nom-yum-nom-yum!!!!  We slept like hibernating bears all the way home, BOL!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I'm just popping in here to let you all know I haven't furgotten about my bloggie-thing.  I'm spending most of my time at Dogster like I always have.  That's still where most of my pals are, even if they're also at other places.  I don't seem to know too many pups at Fizzy's place, but I think it's a furry nice place.  I'm not that comfy at P4P.  If Dogster goes away, I don't think I'll hang my leash there.  In fact, I'll probably be here mostly!  IF and when.

Two sleeps ago daddy took us to Fort FunIt was the furst time this year!  We thought it would be sunny there, but the fog came in.  Mommy put her little movie camera on Winkie's back!  So he played cinematographer. 

I've tried to add his video here, but I guess it isn't possible.  :(