Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Woof From Winkie

It's me, Winkie

Woof!  Hershey said I could borrow his blog fur the day.  I need to send out a message.  We're  gonna starve ovfur here!!

Yesfurday mommy brushed us up a little and we all got in the car!  I thought we were going on the wine country adventure mommy and daddy have been promising all week!  AroooOOOOOOooooo!!!  It was funny that daddy didn't pack all our traveling treats and water and stuff, but I figure that's his business.  

But guess what?  We didn't go to the wine country.  We didn't even go ovfur the bridge.  We didn't even go across town!  We went to the vet!  The vet!!  And it wasn't Hershey who got lifted onto the table this time, it was me!  I was tricked!  I was bamboozled!  

I was stuck with a needle!  Twice!!  

Acfurrily, I'm taking mommy's word fur that.  I didn't feel anything.  But then something worse happened.  We got weighed.  Mommy's been telling daddy she thinks we're getting fat.  And daddy says no, no, no.  See, daddy feeds us breakfast, while mommy's still snoring upstairs.  Mommy feeds us din-din.  Mommy's stingy with the food.  She thinks daddy's been feeding us too much.  We're not telling! 

But mommy told the vet!  So he weighed us, and OMD!  Hershey weighs 33 pounds and I weigh 30!  We're both supposed to be around 27, mommy says.  Daddy has to cut back on the brekkie, mommy says.  Especially in the winter when we don't get to go running around at Fort Fun and stuff.  

We're gonna starve, I tell ya!!! 

So Hershey said all our pals were furry good about sending snow-that-turned-to-rain when he asked.  He says I could ask, can you send us some MEATZ?  Pawlease?  Quick?!


  1. Poor Winkie! All ovur gettin the bad treatment.

    *Zoe starts packin a large box with all kinds of Meatz™. Addresses the box to Mr. WinkieDad because Mrs. WinkieMom would confiscate the box*

  2. Poor Winkie and poor Hersey! I will send you a care package too and address it to your Daddy. I can't let my pals starve!

  3. Oh you poor pups! I think I will share my large box of deer bones with you!

  4. We's sending a big bunch of Texas BEEFS™ and BBQ!

  5. I got some too...we stocked up, so I have plenty to share.

  6. Thanks, pals! We'll sure keep our noses sniffin', waiting fur that UPS guy!!

    Anyfur know why some of Winkie's post is in black and the rest white? The red is on purpose, but mommy couldn't fix the black parts?